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The Arrow Group was founded by Anup Batra in 2006. Almost 11 years ago, the Chief Executive Officer was determined to establish his strategic marketing company, Arrow Digital Marketing. Now with over 1100 clients under our careful eye, and having added a collective $780 million to our clients’ bottom line in several competitive industries.

The Arrow Group are proud to have fostered small, medium and large business partnerships in 11 countries, from Telstra, Fuji Xerox, Dodo Internet, Melbourne Institute of Technology, Commonwealth Bank and more. To this day, we continue to strive for the best outcomes for our clients, from SEO strategy, content marketing, Google Adwords campaigns assistance, organic and paid social media marketing and more. We are Australia’s leading digital marketing agency, with an impressive track record showing we truly care about our clients’ objectives and helping them see out their goals.


At The Arrow Group, we put 100% into everything we do. Whether that’s us tirelessly working on a digital strategy to propel you towards your business objectives, whether it’s the professional, friendly and detailed consultations you can expect from our team, or whether it’s the expertise of having established our marketing agency for over a decade, emerging from the pack of competitors, we live and breathe digital.

We put quality, time effectiveness and research at the forefront of our business principles, and each and every client that we work with is presented with this superior service promise. No wonder our clients have remained with us for an average of over 3 years!

Our Why & Beyond

The Arrow Group are firm believers in helping each and every client we work with - from small and nimble sized businesses in their inception, to larger, more established companies intent on nailing their next step. We are dedicated to ensuring that our marketing strategy is going to propel our clients forward in the best way possible, which is why when you meet with a digital strategist from The Arrow Group, you can rest assured that your game plan will be tailor made, just for you.

You see, The Arrow Group have grown in size, and we hope that’s your plan, too! We’ve seen some of our clients leave the nest, like Kidspot.com.au, which grew to a $5 million enterprise, eventually sold five years later and acquired by NewsCorp for $45 million. Or how about AllHomes.com.au, with their traffic and online revenue for real estate classifieds evolving to an eventual business sale of $50 million. We dream big, and so should you.

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