Corporate Social Responsibility

A community wide lense to looking at business outcomes

St Vincent De Paul

St Vincent de Paul is a 40,000-member and volunteer strong not for profit organisation run in Australia, with international affiliations in 150 countries. The St Vincent de Paul Society’s mission is to live by the Christian message of spreading love, joy, hope, respect and justice to all, and by putting that faith into action by the collective generosity of likeminded individuals. This fantastic charity runs donation stores, Christmas appeals, and a newly established event, The CEO Sleepout, among many other formidable initiatives.

Last year, chairman and chairwoman of The Arrow Group, Anup & Jasmine Batra, took part in the 2016 CEO Sleepout. The Sleepout was conducted to raise much needed funding to eradicate homelessness, with the heads of businesses running donation campaigns and uniting to sleep out in the cold in winter in the CBDs of many of Australia’s cities to experience firsthand the hardships endured by homelessness Australians every night.

Club Kidpreneur

Club Kidpreneur is a not-for-profit foundation inspiring children to foster their inner entrepreneur, with workshop curriculums ‘Ready Set Go’ and ‘Business in a Backpack’ to name a few that teach children vital business skills in line with the National Curriculum. Children learn to develop a micro business drawing upon skills in literacy and numeracy as well as ICT, creative and problem solving skills, as well as personal and social skills.

At The Arrow Group, we are wary of how quickly working environments change. With the immense emphasis on technology in everyday life, digital skills are essential to excelling in the workforce. We also see the importance on teaching future generations integral, transferable skills like emotional intelligence (EQ), and teaching our future business leaders how to cope in a world where it is not uncommon to have up to seven career changes throughout one’s working life. This is one of the underlying motivators for our endorsement of initiatives like Kidpreneur, and why we place such an importance on teaching digital marketing skills for business savvy.